lundi 27 avril 2009

Metasploit daemon - msfd I

Utility that opens the Metasploit framework for remote access. Basically turns the framework on the local machine into a server for remote machines.


./msfd -a -d -p

./msfd -a -d -p 4444
[*] Initializing msfd...
[*] Running msfd...


Metasploit daemon - msfd II

msfd from ne0matrix on Vimeo.

This plugin provides an msf daemon interface that spawns a listener on a
defined port (default 55554) and gives each connecting client its own
console interface. These consoles all share the same framework instance.


dimanche 26 avril 2009

Audio stream with netcat [video]

Audio stream netcat from ne0matrix on Vimeo.

Meterpreter soundrecorder [video]

meterpreter soundrecorder from ne0matrix on Vimeo.

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